Before the race

The Ohm Trail is open to all, affiliated or non-affiliated runners

Under aged competitors run under the responsibility of their parents or guardian.

A bib is mandatory and will be given to each participant before the competition. It will be recovered or will have to be returned at the end of the race. The bib must be affixed to the chest and the number and name of the sponsors must be clearly visible.

Each participant is required to comply with the rules of the road.

The organizer declines all responsibility for accidents or thefts that may occur before, during or after the race, as well as in the locker room.

By participating to the race, the runners temporarily give up their right to image. As part of the coverage of the event, they allow the publication of images, photos and videos on which they could appear.

En cas de force majeure, de catastrophe naturelle ou de toute autre circonstance mettant en danger la sécurité des concurrents ou rendant l’organisation impossible, les organisateurs se réservent le droit d’annuler l’épreuve sans que les concurrents puissent prétendre à un quelconque dédommagement. Les préinscrits seront remboursés.

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