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Ohm-Trail – Belgian Championship

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Race postponed due to Covid-19


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More than a trail!

15° édition de cette course mythique qui acceuillera en 2020 le Championnat de Belgique de Trail et Ultra Trail ! 
Très variés et technique, L’Ohm Trail est un véritable ultra cross nature qui vous fera découvrir la magnifique région d’Aywaille sur un parcours composé à 90% de chemins forestiers.

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Discover enchanting landscapes... while suffering!

The Ohm, measurement unit of effort resistance perfectly symbolizes this trail which is full of difficulties, to cite just a fex examples: an elevation of 1950m D on the 35km race, which is a record in Belgium. You will also alternate technical passages, single tracks, crossings, mounts and descents.

However, what makes the attractiveness of this event is his track. A beautiful course that takes the trailers through nature reserves, trails that are comparable to those found in the mountains in France and its path will make you discover the splendid wild region of Aywaille as the terribly beautiful valley of Ninglinspo, varied in every sense of the term, playful and spicy... A treat just like the other places passed through: the hedge Gattes, the Quarreux Fund and other enchanting places.

True trail as hard as beautiful, the Ohm trail will make you suffer with a smile!

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Testimonial Julien ``Les Sentiers du Phoenix``
  • Julien ``Les Sentiers du Phoenix``

What a landscape! "It's like in the Vosges or in Auvergne yet the air sweeping across these valleys comes from the bottom of the majestic forest of the Ardennes."
"Yes, we suffer, Yes, it is hard, Yes, we do sacrifices but they are not vain facing such beauty!"
At Remouchamps, the watch shows 34 kilometres. There is virtually nothing left and normally it's all flat. That's what I thought, all wrong! Never ending hills !

Testimonial Ptit Philou
  • Ptit Philou

Exceptional trail, an summary of circumstances seems a necessity.
Why exceptional?
First of all for the beauty of the region in which it is located. It is the region of Aywaille not far from Spa (Belgium).
Then by the quality of the courses offered, very little asphalt and a lot of trails in the woods (which is a chance when the Sun heats): a path often very technical in the Ninglinspo Valley. I had already been conquered in 2014 by this machiavelically beautiful race...

In the end, it was a magnificent event, perfectly organized and with extraordinarily difficult routes (the 10 km displaying more than 400D , the 21 was more than 1000D ...). The historic course (35km) being 2 fingers to exceed the 2000, is clearly not within the reach of everyone.


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